Jamie Sutherland

Solar Marketing Specialist

With Jamie’s 20 years experience in your industry and TwistedWeb’s combined 30+ years in digital marketing and design, we have created the perfect partnership for you!

Experts in your industry

Through holding many hats within the energy industry. From discussing customers energy demands, to surveying a properties efficiency requirements. I understand the hurdles companies face when looking for, targeting, selling to and working with their customers.

As a direct solar sales consultant for many years, I have first hand experience of what customers are looking for, how the industry is typically viewed, the reservations your target customers have before they even consider engaging with you, and even while engaging with you.


Years Solar Experience

I have been responsible for domestic and commercial Sales, Marketing, Technical and Aftersales Support. I know your business!


Years of Energy Experience

I’ve worked “Business to Customer”  Sales & Marketing with 4 of the “Big 6” energy companies including SSE, EDF & Scottish Power.

All of this experience gives me an understanding that’s completely unique to a typical marketing agency, as I know the industry incredibly well.

Twisted Web & Me

Twisted Web & Me

After working with Twisted to build a successful marketing campaign, I have now joined forces with them to create a marketing company that can specialise in your industry

After working with Twisted to build a successful marketing campaign, I have now joined forces with them to create a marketing company that can specialise in your industry

What does that mean for you?

Onboarding made easy!

If you’ve ever used a web developer, or any other external media agency. They’ll onboard you with lots of questions, which is fantastic. They should really want to get to know you, your business goals, and your industry.

Where they will always fall short is, they aren’t IN your industry so will typically fall back to what’s worked for customers in the past (through trial and error – which costs you money) as a means of reassuring you that they can do what you need.

A marketing team like no other

Having someone help you to market your business, who fully understands your business and industry is a game changer because you’ve got a direct point of contact to someone who knows exactly what you’re talking about.

How many professional marketing agencies can you have a proper conversation with about an element you’d like to add to your site regarding Micro-Inverters, Carbon Monitors, SEG or Charging Tariffs, EV Chargers, etc..

They simply don’t and won’t know what you’re talking about and will end up simply asking you to provide assets and content which also means they don’t understand the best ways to present them.

Case Study

Case Study

The Task

Eco Switch Improvements approached TwistedWeb when owner James was looking to kickstart his own business. The business required Branding, a social media presence and a full, informative website. We began the process by looking at logo concepts around the industry to create a unique and identifiable logo, chose complimenting colours and fonts, and created full brand guidelines to ensure all platforms of marketing portrayed a consistent message.

Once a design was complete, we created a Facebook page, and a marketing campaign with a clear message to attract the right customers. With crisp graphics and a clear message, Eco Switch gained traction in the local area.

The Result

As a result of our branding and marketing efforts, Eco Switch experienced tangible benefits and impressive results. The cohesive branding and visually appealing logo helped to establish a strong identity for the business, making it easily recognisable within the industry. The implementation of a targeted social media campaign led to increased engagement and interaction with potential customers, ultimately driving traffic to the newly created website.

With a clear and compelling message, Eco Switch successfully captured the attention of its target audience, resulting in heightened brand awareness and a growing customer base. The combination of effective branding and marketing strategies enabled Eco Switch to establish itself as a reputable player in the local market, paving the way for future growth and success.

The Feedback

When I decided to launch my business, I realised I needed a top marketing agency to help me make a strong start. I provided Twisted with a company name and requested them to create a logo, complete branding, and a website to kickstart my venture.

After posing a few crucial questions, Twisted delivered precisely what I desired for a logo, furnished me with a comprehensive brand pack to maintain consistency across all my advertising, and crafted a modern, user-friendly website. They have collaborated with me throughout the year, promptly implementing updates and changes. Additionally, they have designed and supplied my uniforms, business cards, and other printed materials.

No request seems too much for them. They consistently offer valuable advice, and their expertise in my industry surpasses that of any other marketing agency I approached. My primary contact, Jamie, has dedicated time to thorough industry research, ensuring they can provide me with the best content, and has proven to be a significant asset during my first year in business.

I highly recommend Twisted as a comprehensive marketing agency; they truly excel in their field!

James Bennion, Eco Switch Improvements

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